As a coach my number one priority is to help people become unstuck in their lives and to move forward in a positive and consistent way.

Whether this is done in a group workshop at one of my courses, a one to one coaching session or working with a group in the Dublin Mountains as part of the mountains4answers experience very much depends on the individual.

I am living testimony to the fact that coaching works and I believe it is the most powerful way to become more self-confident, more assertive and develop a positive can do approach to life.

I feel very grateful to all the people who I have had the privileged to coach. I am particularly grateful to the people listed below who have taken the time to write a testimonial of their coaching experience and agreed to allow it to be posted on this site.

- Testimonials for Invest in Yourself
- Testimonials for Headstart
- Testimonials for Personal Coaching
- Testimonials for Mountains4Answers

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