What is mountains4answers?Jim Power and fellow coach Tricia McGrath from  have come up with an exciting and unique group outdoor coaching experience. We passionately believe that nature and in particular mountains can provide us with the answer to some of life’s questions.

On average, in industrial society we spend over 95% of our lifetime indoors. Early on, at home and school, we learn to stay indoors, to become attached and dependent on indoor fulfilments. We spend 18,000 developmental indoor childhood hours alone doing schoolwork to become literate. Most of us grow up not recognizing that in every outdoor natural area, like the wild area in a park or backyard, natural life is not only going on around us but if people take the time to observe it is showing us the way forward.

Adapting this mindset allows people to ditch the baggage of the past and begin to take control of their destiny.
The format of the day is a mixture of hiking, reflection and exercises. You will need to be moderately fit and come with an open mind in order to get the most from the day. Throughout the day we coach, mentor and guide you through our unique process and mountain4answers believes that you will:

- Have fun
- Find the space to think differently & creatively
- Be immersed in nature
- Be given tools to help you discover what you are passionate about
- Find encouragement & direction to make those all important first steps
- Be energised by the process
- Find answers

This event is run entirely outdoors because of the benefits & teachings that nature provides. Nature is an unimaginable intelligence but unfortunately one that we completely under utilise and abuse. Nature nurtures, it’s as simple as that and if we learn to listen and use all of our senses to tap into the ancient wisdom that nature has then we are guided on paths that we never imagined possible.

The walks take place on the last Saturday of the month at 10am.The starting point is KILMASHOGUE FOREST PARK just a 10 minute drive from the Firhouse exit off the M50

You can find out when the next course starts and book your place by going to the Events

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