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Ever wanted to be superman or wonder woman with special powers?

Ever wanted to be superman or wonder woman with special powers?

 As real people in the real world, we can never possess any of their supernatural physical powers. What we have is the power to mould our personality, to shape our future, to create our destiny, and to determine who and what we are - a power greater than any other supernatural powers, a power that builds on reality. This is the power of the mind.

People tend to underestimate the power of the mind. It will carry out your instructions to the letter. Have you ever really wanted, I mean really wanted something in the past. Maybe your first house, did you think about it 24/7? Did you plan every detail? And when it happened did you realise the power of your mind made it happen.

When you really want something your mind comes up with solutions that will enable you to achieve or acquire it. Some people seem to think they are just lucky or unlucky as the case may be. Try something new, you have no idea of the power you possess. Put it to the test. Decide right now on something you want to achieve or acquire. Think about this 24/7 and follow the instructions your mind comes up with. Write down all the different ideas that come into your head as your mind carries out your instructions. Take action on the ideas you feel will be most effective.

Then watch as the power of your mind attracts into your life whatever it is you desire. Be open to every opportunity and focus on success. Where focus goes energy flows.
We have just ONE LIFE, LIVE IT!


How do you begin your day?

How do you begin your day?
The first hour of your day can determine the type of day you are going to have. Generally when you have a bad day it goes from bad to worse. Have you ever asked yourself why? What do you put into your mind every morning? Are you generally on auto pilot? Get up, get washed, get fed and rush into the chores of the day. Getting up 30 minutes earlier can empower you to take control of the type of day you’re going to have.

You become what you think about most of the time. How much time do you spend thinking about your goals at the beginning of the day? Take 30 minutes at the start of your day to reflect on what you want to attract into your life, your career goals, your fun goals and your relationship goals.  Plan your day and be sure to include taking at least one step towards achieving each goal. When you plan to succeed, success follows. Your goals will be achieved by taking small steps every day. So consider taking the power back, the law of attraction states “We attract what we give attention to” so give your attention to attracting positive energy into your life at the beginning of each day.
We have just ONE LIFE, LIVE IT!


Laughter makes you healthier

Hi everyone and I hope you are feeling good today. There is an exercise you can do several times a day that makes the muscles in the face and body stretch, blood pressure and pulse rise and fall, and you breathe faster which transports more oxygen through the body. The exercise is called LAUGHTER. Research shows laughter also strengthens the immune system, reduces food cravings and increases one's threshold for pain.

Getting what you want

Let me introduce you to the Universal law of “Cause and effect” This law works 100% of the time. It works with positive and negative energy. Imagine dropping a stone into a still pond. As the stone impacts the surface of the water, there is a ripple effect that travels outward encompassing a full 360 degrees of the surface area. Every part of that still water pond is affected by the impact of that stone on the surface of the water. The universe we all exist in is just like the still water pond. For every cause or action in life it has an effect in some way on everything in the universe, no matter how subtle that cause or action may be.


What is success? It’s hard to define success because it a very personal thing. There are however a lot of traits that successful people seem to have. I would like to focus on what I believe to be some of the better traits.
  • The first trait is to believe in yourself often that is the only thing that stands between you and success.
  • The second is having a sense of integrity; really successful people know the value of integrity.
  • The third is attitude; attitude is everything adapting a positive attitude towards your success will enhance your chances of achieving it.
  • The fourth is to visualise your dream of success until it is crystal clear in your mind.
  • The fifth is every day do something no matter how small to bring you closer to success.
  • The sixth is persistence, successful people don’t quit.
  • The seventh is focus, what you consistently focus on you get. So focus on success.

The only way is Up

Commitment, accountability, respect, courage, ethics, and integrity. These are some of the values that our leaders and financial institutions seem to have lost it may be even questionable if they ever possessed them in the first place. The Irish nation is not its leaders it is made up of people who by and large do possess these values. It is evident in the way we respond to global disasters with financial aid. It is evident by just observing the silent army of volunteers such as those from the Simon Community and St Vincent De Paul who do fantastic work.

People are most resilient when they are under pressure. A lot of you reading this maybe be struggling financially or perhaps have lost your job and are wondering if you will ever work again.